The DAS Sport line of products are specialized items that were created to provide Porsche & BMW owners with easily installed products that offer uncompromising safety and protection for cars that are used for high speed events. The appeal of the DAS Sport is two-fold – vehicle specific items that owners can install themselves and their installation requires no major modifications. Over the years, the list has grown to include a wide variety of items that have come to be recognized for their quality and engineered fitment.

One of the unique features of all DAS Sport product is they are not merely individual parts, but rather, “systems” engineered, fabricated, and tested for their intended purpose. A Porsche or BMW owner can install the DAS Sport product confident that it will fit properly and perform as expected with minimum modifications to the vehicle.

DAS Sport products – “performance parts systems engineered and proven on the street/track."

DAS Sport History

Headquartered in Central Virginia, DAS Sport is a professional fabrication facility specializing in engineered products for performance race vehicles used on racetracks. Founded in West Chester, Pennsylvania in 1992 by Bill and Colin Dougherty, DAS Sport is capable of engineering and fabricating the latest safety and performance enhancing products used in today’s race vehicles.


Originally concentrating on Porsche vehicles, DAS Sport has expanded its marquee coverage to include BMW cars, with a special emphasis on Porsche. Known as one of the most comprehensive fabrication shops, DAS Sport’s “specialized” and experienced professionals have provided solutions to some of the most challenging vehicle problems. Please ask us to share with you some of our customer testimonials and project studies.

Our Facilities

Our facility contains our workshop, state of the art welding, bending and fabrication equipment, inventory storage and a thriving mail order business.

Our Commitment

DAS Sport’s daily workshop operations focus on providing customer satisfaction through our attention to detail and high quality component production. Pride in workmanship characterizes the DAS Sport team and is reflected in the quality of our work. We strive to establish a new level of customer satisfaction and courtesy that can be expected whether you’re dealing with an owner, fabricator, shipping person, or any DAS Sport employee.

We are proud of the excellent service we have been providing DAS Sport customers since 1992 and their loyalty is testimony to our commitment to be the best.

Our Products

In addition to maintaining a routine fabrication facility, DAS Sport has established itself as a premier custom roll bar & cage production house. The growing interest in performance and track driving has increased the need for quality design and fabrication to provide customers with “specialized” vehicles. DAS Sport has provided products for cars that consistently participate and place in all club “performance” events.

The “DAS Sport Systems” Product Line

Attending club events as participants and with our customers, DAS Sport personnel identified a void, which needed to be filled. Relying heavily on our racing and marketing backgrounds, DAS Sport launched the “Systems” product line. We are extremely proud of our safety and Club racing related items, which install, in most cases, with no modifications to the chassis or interior.

Our Experience

DAS Sport personnel regularly attends Club events monitoring trends in the performance market in order to design, develop and produce new products, which address performance race vehicle needs. If you have a need for performance or safety.