First we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your purchase of an Original DAS Sport product.  We take great care to ensure our products meet your expectations.  If there are any questions or comments please contact your dealer or our offices at 540-832-0978.


This product, purchased “as is” without express or implied warranty of fitness or merchantability, is intended for use in properly sanctioned, off road, high performance, competitive and racing events.  Such events are inherently dangerous and can result in serious injury or death despite the product’s proper manufacture, installation and use.  Proper installation, inspection and use by qualified persons are necessary and are solely the responsibility of the purchaser(s) and all successors.


Initial Installation Step: requires that the roll bars and/or cages be test fit before a finish (paint, powdercoat, etc.) is applied.  No bars will be accepted for return for any reason after a finish has been applied. Please trial fit the bar in the car first!


Final Installation Step: requires the placement of the supplied serial number decal which is attached to this installation document.  Place the decal on the main hoop on the lower left side (driver’s side).  Install the decal lengthwise along the tubing (the text parallel with the tubing).


Record this important information in a safe place:

Your DAS Sport Product Serial Number:____________________________


Your Original Purchase Invoice Number:____________________________


The Dealer's Name you Purchased from:_____________________________



Please be careful installing this product.  A successful installation of any automotive product or accessory requires specific knowledge of the particular vehicle, mechanical skills, professional training as a fabricator/technician and proper hand tools.  Air tools or electric drills may be required in some cases.  Installation instructions have been provided for most products below, if you do not see your product below, please call 540-832-0978 for assistance.


Installation Instruction Links

Truly Bolt-In Products - No Cutting, Drilling or Welding
1974-1989 Porsche 911 Coupes/Targas and Cabriolets
1989-1998 Porsche 964/993 Coupes/Targas
1999-2011 Porsche 996/997 Coupes

Cabriolets that Require Minor Modifications
1990-1998 Porsche 964/993 Cabriolets
1999-2011 Porsche 996/997 Cabriolets

Weld-In Roll Bars/Roll Cages
1983-1995 Porsche 944/968 Coupes
1966-1989 Porsche 911 Coupe/Targa
1989-1998 Porsche 964/993 Coupe
1999-2011 Porsche 996/997 Coupe